The UOB Painting Of The Year 2015

International Competition | The UOB Painting Of The Year 2015 is an Artistic Competition organized by PT. Bank UOB. The Art Competition held in September 2015 is International where the winners at the national level will be included at the regional level to be held in Singapore. The 2015 Art Painting Competition is prestigious because it provides very attractive prizes, cash prizes with a total value of Hundreds of Million Rupiah coupled with an opportunity to earn an additional US $ 10,000 at the regional level in Singapore.

The UOB Painting Of The Year 2015 is a very rare Painting Competition, so do not miss the opportunity to get hundreds of millions of dollars reward by showing your artistic talents and reaching the peak of your art achievements.

The UOB Painting Of The Year 2015 Artist Competition Awarded Hundreds of Million Rupiah

DEADLINE: September 8, 2015

Show off your artistic talents and gain the pinnacle of achievement! Grab Main Prize Rp.250 Million!

UOB embodies the concern and concern for the development of art, especially painting in the country, through the implementation of The UOB Painting of The Year 2015 Art Painting Competition.

General requirements:

  • Theme, flow or school, media: Free.
  • Shaped 2 dimensions.
  • Maximum size no more than 180 cm.

Participant Category:

  1. Professional Group
  2. Newcomers Group


The "Professional"

  • 1 (one) Winner of "The UOB Painting of The Year Indonesia" Rp.250 Million
  • 1 (one) Gold Medal Winner Rp.100 Million
  • 1 (one) Silver Medal Winner Rp.80 Million
  • 1 (one) Bronze Medal Winner Rp.50 Million

Note: The winner of The UOB Painting of The Year Indonesia Indonesia 2015 will be competed again at the regional level in Singapore for an additional $ 10,000 US Dollar prize and a chance to attend the residency program at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Japan.

The "Newcomers"

  • 1 (one) Winner of "Most Promising Artist of The Year" Rp.30 Million
  • 1 (one) Gold Medal Winner Rp 25 Million
  • 1 (one) Silver Medal Winner Rp.15 Million
  • 1 (one) Bronze Medal Winner Rp.10 Million

Terms of Artistry Competition:

  1. Participants submit pictures of paintings in a minimum size of 8R (High Resolution) with Title, Size, Media, Year of Manufacture, Concept / Narrative Record (maximum 200 words). Pasted on the photo of the competed masterpiece.
  2. Each participant sends a maximum of 3 (three) works. the work that may be included is a creation from 2014 to 2015. Also include at least 2 photographic paintings that are not competed to serve as a reference.
  3. Participants are welcome to vote on the following categories: as a Professional or as a Newcomer.
  4. Write the code "P" for Professional, and "PB" for New Arrivals on the photo envelope you submitted.
  5. Participants must include a copy of ID card or other identity. Pasted behind one of the painting photos.
  6. Participants are encouraged to submit a summary of CVs and their full address, telephone number, fax number, email address.
  7. The end of photo delivery of painting is September 8, 2015, postmark.
  8. The competition nominees will be contacted in writing by the Organizing Committee.
  9. The winners of the competition will be announced in mid-October 2015 in an exhibition ceremony organized by the Committee in Jakarta.
  10. All paintings that win the competition belong to PT. Bank UOB Indonesia.
  11. This competition is open to all Indonesian citizens and is free / free of charge. The prize tax is borne by the winner.

Board of jury:

  • Agus Dermawan T. (Arts Critic and Bookwriter).
  • Edwin Rahardjo (Art Collector)
  • Kuss Indarto (Receiver and Academician)

Address of the Competition Committee:
Photographs of paintings sent to:
UOB Painting of The Year Committee
UOB Plaza lt.12 - Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.10, Jakarta 10230
Tel .: 021 - 2350 6000 Ext. 31243/31215
Fax: 021 - 2993 6624
Contact: Wennita Raptajaya and Luksiati Cahyani


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