The 5 Min Video Challenge 2017 Regional Video Competition First Prize USD30.000

International Competition | Lomba Video Pendek berikut ini kembali diselenggarakan oleh Telkomsel yang kali ini berkolaborasi dengan operator seluler yang tergabung dalam Singtel Group, yakni Singtel (Singapura), Optus (Australia), AIS (Thailand), Airtel (India dan Afrika), Globe (Filipina), dan Telkomsel (Indonesia). Bagi sineas muda yang memiliki bakat membuat video pendek, inilah saatnya menunjukkan karya terbaik bagi Indonesia. Submit video pendek berdurasi 5 menit dengan tema “Connecting Lives”, raih hadiah total ratusan juta Rupiah & mewakili Indonesia di kompetisi Internasional. Kompetisi ini terbuka untuk seluruh filmmaker, baik mereka yang sudah berpengalaman di industri film, maupun para pemula sampai orang awam yang merasa tertantang untuk menciptakan konten berkualitas.

The following Short Video Contest is hosted by Telkomsel which this time collaborated with SingTel Group's: Singtel (Singapore), Optus (Australia), AIS (Thailand), Airtel (India and Africa), Globe (Philippines) and Telkomsel (Indonesia). For young filmmakers who have the talent to make short videos, it is time to show the best work. Submit short 5 minute video with the theme "Connecting Lives", won the prize of USD30.000 & represents your country in International competition. The competition is open to all filmmakers, whether they are experienced in the film industry, or beginners to lay people who feel challenged to create quality content.

The 5 Min Video Challenge 2017 Regional Video Competition First Prize USD30.000

DEADLINE: October 2017

Telkomsel again challenged Indonesian filmmakers to produce short-quality international video in 'The 5-Min Video Challenge' competition. The two best video winners from domestic competitions will be sent as Indonesian representatives to Singapore to compete with winners from other countries in regional competitions.

'The 5-Min Video Challenge' is a regional video competition that begins in 2016 and is the result of a collaboration of Singtel Group's Singtel (Singapore), Optus (Australia), AIS (Thailand), Airtel ( India and Africa), Globe (Philippines), and Telkomsel (Indonesia). The competition is open to all filmmakers, both experienced in the film industry, as well as beginners to laypeople who feel challenged to create quality content that can arouse the attention of the public.

With the theme 'Connecting Lives', this competition challenges participants' creativity and thinking to interpret the relationship between how we see the world and act everyday with events that bring us to life's important things. The 5-minute video can also answer questions about things that can separate or connect us to others.

About The 5 - Min Video Challenge:

Singapore Telecommunications Limited ("Singtel" or "Organizer") makes a regional video competition ("The 5-Min Video Challenge") - to be held from July 2017 to December 2017. The purpose of the 5-Min Video Challenge competition is to create a container for videomakers around the world to fulfill their potential by displaying their talents and creativity and being respected and recognized as an innovative figure in the country they represent.

The 5 - Min Video Challenge Competition consists of:

Video competition from each country or local competition submitted by local participants or each from each country hosted by SingTel parties and the following is the regional partner of the Mobile Telecommunication operator in each country that competes (Local Competition) from July 2017:
Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (Thailand), Airtel Africa (Africa), Bharti Airtel Limited, India (India), Globe Telecom, Inc. (Philippines), Optus Mobile Pte Limited (Australia), Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singapore) Mobile (Indonesia). (Collectively, "Participating Operator" and "Participating Operator" respectively);

and regional competitions / events for video winners from each country ("Final Regional").

Each operator participating in this competition will select two participants as winners of the local competition.

The 14 (14) winners of the Local Competition (called "Finalists" and each "Finalist") will be invited to enter and compete in the Regional Final.

In the regional finals, each work of the finalists will be judged by a panel of judges. There will only be 1 winner from the selected regional final and 1 runner up.

By registering and participating in The 5-Min Video Challenge, each Participant accepts these Terms outlined here (as amended from time to time) and all participating Organizers and / or Organizer decisions, which are final and non-interference invalid.


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