MIST FEUI 2016 Call for Paper with Total Prizes IDR 22 Million


Indonesia International Competition | These Call for Paper is held by Faculty of Economic and Business University of Indonesia, Jakarta on January 2016. MIST (Marketing Insight Seminar, Conference, and Training) is the biggest marketing event in Indonesia held by university students. The 12th MIST seeks for brilliant talents and fresh thoughts delegates who will be competing their papers regarding the conference highlight. The selection process will commence firstly judging stage by grading each paper submitted and 20 best papers will be given exclusive access to present their papers and get deeper insights firsthand from marketing experts and practitioners from our seminar, workshop, and conference.

DEADLINE: January 9th, 2016

MIST FEUI 2016 Call for Paper with Total Prizes IDR 22 Million

Faculty of Economic and Business University of Indonesia presents, MIST (Marketing Insight Seminar, Conference, and Training), the biggest marketing event in Indonesia held by university students. The event consists of national seminar, conference, and training, regarding the updated issue about marketing world. Our objective is to bridging the practical world of marketing and academics for students and all the participants involved by inviting some expert speakers, marketing practitioners, and masterly CEOs.

In this 12th year, MIST will be back on track to share you the information, insights, and knowledge about marketing strategies that should be implemented in this uncertain economic condition. We bring you the experience of The 12th MIST’s set of events by wrapping the whole events with edutainment concept.


Recently, Indonesia’s economic condition is in a decline phase. The most noticed symptoms are the deceleration of economic growth, weakening of rupiah against US Dollar, and also inflation rate. These problems have caused the customers’ purchasing power tend to decreasing. In this situation, marketers must adapt and cope with this economic uncertainty by rejuvenating the marketing strategies. In this 12th year edition of The 12th MIST (Marketing Insight Seminar and Training), we’ll discuss the marketing strategies that marketers should use during the economic downturn.

For Further Information:
Twitter: @mistFEUI
Instagram: MIST FEUI

Contact Person:
Annisa - 0896 3086 2975

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