Medical Fiesta FKUB 2016 International Scientific Competition

International Competition | This Various Competition is held by Medical Students Research Organization - Brawijaya University (LSIM FKUB), Malang, Indonesia, on July - October 2016. Medical Fiesta is the biggest scientific event of the year which provide you an extraordinary competition that brings you a unique intercultural atmosphere with the beauty of Malang, Indonesia. So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready for the biggest students scientific global summit? Please, kindly check the guidelines on our website. Upload your work, such as: paper, abstract, poster, or video. We are waiting for your coming, here in the vibrant city of Malang.

Medical Fiesta FKUB 2016 International Scientific Competition

DEADLINE: July 24 th 2016

Theme :
"Holistic Approach to Endocrine Disease"

Subtheme : 

  1. A strategic approach from medical institution to decreasing morbidity and mortality rate by prevention and early detections of endocrine disease
  2. Application of technology, natural resources, and biomolecular study in the preventive, curative and rehabilitative measures of endocrine diseases and other hormone-related diseases.
  3. Advancement in screening and management of endocrine diseases and other hormone-related diseases
  4. Innovation in management and emergency treatment of endocrine emergencies. 
How to register ??
  1. visit
  2. Go to the menu  "Medical Fiesta 2016"
  3. Click online registrations: here
  4. Fill the registration form and upload the payment receipt
  5. Confirm the registration by message or Whatsapp to contact person for each competition
  6. Succesfully registered in Medical Fiesta
  7. Submit your work !
What to upload ??
  1. Your paper/abstract/poster/video 
  2. Letter of originality
  3. Curriculum vitae
  4. Registration form
  5. Identity card
  6. Students ID card
  7. Pasphoto 3x4
  8. Group photo
  9. confirmation email will be sent maximum 5x24 hours after all the requirements are met.
Timeline :
  • Registration (1st Period) April 18th - June 21st 2016
  • Registration (2nd Period) June 22nd - July 24 th 2016
  • Submission April 18th – July 26th 2016
  • Finalist announcement August 14th 2016
  • Presentation October 7th 2016
  • Champion announcement October 8th 2016
Submission fee :
  1. Research abstract competition
    • 1st period IDR 150.000
    • 2nd period IDR 170.000
  2. Literature review and public campaign
    • 1st period IDR 140.000
    • 2nd period IDR 160.000
Awards :
  1. Research Abstract
    • 1st winner IDR 5.000.000
    • 2nd runner-up IDR 4.000.000
    • 3rd runner up IDR 3.000.000
    • Best Abstract IDR 600.000
  2. Literature Review
    • 1st winner IDR 4.000.000
    • 2nd runner-up IDR 3.000.000
    • 3rd runner up IDR 2.000.000
  3. Public Campaign
    • 1st winner IDR 3.000.000
    • 2nd runner-up IDR 2.400.000
    • 3rd runner up IDR 1.800.000

Contact Person :
Research abstract : Fransisca Dela +6281617132866
Literature Review : Lim Zhan Heng +6283848023614
Public Campaign : Novi Siagian +6282164742600
Registration : Adi Kuncoro +6285233977689

Further Information :
website :
facebook : Medical Fiesta FKUB
instagram : medicalfiesta2016
twitter : medicalfiesta
Mail :


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