ISoC Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge 2016 Total Prize USD 29,000

Indonesia International Competition | This Sociopreneur Challenge was initiated by Technopreneurship Program – Surya University, Tangerang in March - November 2016. The Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge is an annual competition in Social Entrepreneurship which will focuses on solving specific issues through innovation with commercial potential. Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge or ISoC is also supported by Agency for Public cleanliness, Park and Cemetery (DKPP) of South Tangerang, and City Planning Development Agency of South Tangerang. This year, ISoC 2016 becomes an Indonesia International Challenge. ISoC Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge 2016 Total Prize USD 29,000.

DEADLINE: April 31st, 2016

ISoC Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge 2016 Total Prize USD 29,000

This year theme is ‘Waste around Us’ and ISoC invites anyone above 18 years old to submit their innovative idea to solve waste problem in South Tangerang. 

Total prize for this competition is more than US$ 29.000.
Registration online will be open on March, 1st 2016 - May 31st, 2016.


ISoC 2016 invites you to solve the following problems in South Tangerang:

  1. Household waste problems
    • Do not separate organic and inorganic waste
    • Placing organic waste in plastic bag and tying the plastic bag before throwing to garbage bin
  2. Common waste problems
    • Throwing waste in median strip of highway and/or highway shoulder
    • Throwing waste in unused space/area, abandon field or building
  3. 3R Temporary Waste Site (TPS3R) problem that is managed by local people
    • Lack of technology to help local people treating the waste for both organic and inorganic waste


    Applied Technology category welcomes any technology (excluding apps) used to solve waste problem.
  • APPS
    Apps category welcomes application for android, IoS, desktop as a solution for waste problem.
    Educational Campaign category welcomes product or service used to raising awareness and providing information about waste through various media.


  1. Applications are submitted to solve waste problems in South Tangerang, Indonesia.
  2. Applications must contain:
    • A short description of the project in maximum 200 words. The description clearly defines the problem has been solved by the project, the uniqueness of the project, and potential impact of the project.
    • An executive summary of the project. Only narrative and do not include graphs, pictures, tables, et cetera.
    • A pitch deck does not exceed 10 slides or a 90-seconds video about the project that aims to promote the project. For educational campaign aims to define its campaign strategy.
  3. Applications should submit a package of supporting images to show their project. The images can be:
    1. Photos or technical drawing or sketches for applied technology category.
    2. Photos or technical drawing or mock up for apps category.
    3. Poster or animation or any other media used for educational campaign. Participants classify the campaign as either PELITAS campaign or non PELITAS campaign.
  4. All materials should be presented in English.

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