iSMEC's 2017 Industrial on Small & Medium Enterprise Competition


International Competition | This Entrepreneurship Competition is held by Industrial Engineering Department of Brawijaya University, Malang, in September - November 2017. iSMEC`s is one of a series in INVENT 2017 events. Industrial on Small & Medium Enterprise Competition (iSMEC`s 2017) is an annual event held by Industrial Engineering Department of Brawijaya University together with the Industrial Engineering Association to challenge Industrial Engineering students to Student become part to support enterpreneurship in Indonesia by solver and implementing the science of Industrial Engineering. Theme of iSMEC's 2017 is: "Green Industry System to Empower Local Resource Potential". Participants of iSMECís 2017 are Industrial Engineering students in all of university in Asia.

iSMEC's 2017 Industrial on Small & Medium Enterprise Competition

DEADLINE: 15 September 2017


  1. Participants of iSMECís 2017 are Industrial Engineering students who are still studying at undergraduate program in Asian University.
  2. Each team consists of 3 students (including the leader).
  3. Each university can submit at least 1 team (or more teams).
  4. Team members canít be replaced from the beginning to the end of this event with any reasons.

1st Place : USD 800
2nd Place : USD 600
3rd Place : USD 400


  1. Team Registration : 8 August Ė 15 September 2017
    Participants will register via website : (for more information about registration, you can see online registration procedure.
  2. Online Selection : 18 September Ė 20 September 2017
    In this section, Participants will answer questions regarding Industrial Engineering issues. Any team that passes this section will be 10 teams gaining the highest score.
  3. Announcement of the Finalist Teams : 25 September 2017
    In this date we will announce 10 teams who have the highest score and they will proceed to the final section that you can see in our website :
  4. Finalist Registration : 2 October Ė 11 October 2017
    10 teams who pass the final section must re-register the amount IDR 3.000.000,00 / team (for participants from Indonesia) and USD 225 (for participants from other country) to BRI Bank (for participants from Indonesia) , account number 005 101 132 547 509, Rafika Dhian Kanita) as a requirement to continue to the next section. The team that doesnít make the re-registration on date that we have mentioned above will be ignored and canít continue the competiton. (The participants that didnít pass the selection will be place on waiting list).
    11 Final Section : 13 November Ė 15 November 2017
    Final section will be held in Brawijaya University, Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Dillon (ID LINE : dillonwcksn / +6285946665179 )
Dhia (ID LINE : dhianaqqiya / +6287885293747 )
Emilita (ID LINE : emilitachristy / +6283878710830 )
Rafika (ID LINE : fikaakanita / +628970413797 )

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