ICC 2017 International Concrete Competition With Total Prize USD 2500


International Competition | This Concrete Competition is organized by ITS, Surabaya, in August 2017. Civil Expo (Civex) is an annual event, held by Civil Engineering Student Association (HMS), Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning (FTSP) Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, which has a series of events, they are national seminar, civil engineering competition, high school olympics, exhibition and entertainment. International Concrete Competition is a civil engineering competition which invites active undergraduate students (Bachelor/Diploma) of national/private both local and foreign university. Participant must be a group of 2 - 3 students from the same university.

ICC 2017 International Concrete Competition With Total Prize USD 2500

DEADLINE: August 25th, 2017

"IRR team tries to grasp the world by holding a great event that has never existed before: an International Concrete Competition which shows great innovation, creativity, and a new technology of concrete structure."

ICC is a concrete design competition of a high strength and early self compacting concrete, concrete that can harden quickly, thus we can get a concrete structure that has short time and applicative production that can be applied in the field.

How To Register:

  • Checkout our Terms of References (TOR) on www.civilexpo.its.ac.id (It will be launched on 15th May 2017)
  • Download the registration form www.civilexpo.its.ac.id
  • Submit your proposal and registration form on icc.civex@gmail.com

Registration Fee

  • Proposal Submission : Free
  • Participant Announcement fot the final stage : USD 40

Participant Provision

  • Participants are active undergraduate students (Bachelor/Diploma) of national/private both local and foreign university.
  • Each team may consist of 2 – 3 members from the same university along with one supervisor


1st Champion : USD 1200 + Trophy + Certificate + Merchandise
2nd Champion : USD 800 + Trophy + Certificate + Merchandise
3rd Champion : USD 500 + Trophy + Certificate + Merchandise

About Admixture

  • Participant can use any kind of admixture of any brand. it's not compulsory to use BASF admixture, but if you want to use BASF's admixture, ICC team can get you a sample (it's limited and free charged). if you do, please sent us your University adress. the admixture sample will be send to your university.Because the sample is limited, please use it for all participant from your university and not only one team. Thank you
  • Requirement : you must have already submitted your registration form to icc.civex@gmail.com

Contact Person




Term of Reference (TOR) Download:https://intip.in/TORConcreteyuk

Registration Form Download:https://intip.in/FORMConcreteyuk

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