I-Shelter International Design Competition 2015 Total Prizes IDR 13 Millions

International Competition | I-Shelter is an International Design Competition which held in November 2015 to January 2016, organized by AFAIR UI. This International Design Competition is an annual event which is held by Ikatan Mahasiswa Arsitektur Universitas Indonesia presented as a showcase for best works of Architecture and Interior Architecture students of Universitas Indonesia. This International Design Competition invites Active Undergraduate students from all majors (S1 or equivalent) to participate in this event as a team which consists of 2-3 members. Total Prizes ready for contested for the winners are IDR 13 Millions.

I-Shelter International Design Competition 2015 Total Prizes IDR 13 Millions

DEADLINE: 20 November 2015

Architecture UI Fair (AFAIR) is an annual event by Ikatan Mahasiswa Arsitektur FTUI presented as a showcase for the best works of Architecture and Interior Architecture students of Universitas Indonesia.This time, as a part of 50th anniversary celebration of Department of Architecture of Universitas Indonesia, it will be bigger – better than ever.

Architecture UI Fair (AFAIR) is an annual event presented by Architecture Student Organisation and Department of Architecture Universitas Indonesia as a tool for students to show their products of learning.

We’re asking you to portray how a role of an architect placed on the condition above to do architecture that is responsive to the context through a design competition “A Shelter For Survival”.

i-Shelter is a space designed to survive in a certain contextThis shelter is expected to respond on how the nature works by way of understanding the surroundings by using available resources properly. That way the design should fulfill humans’ basic needs and also security in living on a certain context. Like being a survivor, in this competition, participants are challenge to design a shelter for survival on a certain context condition, which is a provided arena.

To bring around the role of architecture that is related to all realms and fields, especially on surviving, every team is encouraged to have a minimal of one team member which is from other fields of study (other than architecture). In designing the i-Shelter, the team is expected to implement all kinds of knowledge from team members, including non-architectural knowledge (anthropology, anatomy, ecology, geology, culture, psychology, etc.) to respond the context. Through the provided context arena (site), the changing situation and context condition is expected to change the perspective of the participants to be more aware in responding the context and realizing the reciprocal relationship between human and nature. Also, without forgetting about the psychology factor on surviving that could be fulfilled through designing. A representative of another specialty student (non-architecture) is expected to add a different and unique perception in meaning, character, and identity in the concept of surviving which is realized through design in an architectural way.

Jury Panels:

  • Budi Sukada
  • Mohammad Nanda Widyarta
  • Eko Prawoto

Grand Prize | Rp. 6.000.000,- and certificate + appreciation plaque
1st Runner Up | Rp. 4.000.000,- and certificate + appreciation plaque
2nd Runner Up | Rp. 2.000.000,- and certificate + appreciation plaque
3rd & 4th Runner Up | Rp. 500.000,- and certificates

Online  Registration  |  19 August 2015 – 20 November 2015
Sharing and Technical Meeting  |  during AFAIR UI 2016 Pre-Event
Submission Deadline  |  19 October 2015 – 20 November 2015
First Judgement  |  23 November 2015 – 18 December 2015
Finalists Announcement  |  8 January 2016
Final Judgement and Presentation  |  during AFAIR UI 2016 Main Event

General Requirements:

  1. Active Undergraduate students from all majors (S1 or equivalent)
  2. A team consists of 2-3 members, led by an architecture/interior architecture student*
  3. One registration number only valid for a single design

*be noted that the inclusion of other knowledge from non-architectural fields is really encouraged

How To Register:

  1. Participants transfer the registration fee to Bank Mandiri 900-00-2990054-6 a/n Fatimah Syawie, or via paypal.
    Registration Fee 
    (Indonesian University Students)
    Early Bird* (before 19 September)   |  Rp. 75.000,-
    Normal (after 19 September)  |  Rp. 100.000,-
    (International Students)
    $9.99 (US Dollar)* (via paypal)
    *including free entry to AFAIR UI 2016 Pre-Event for all team members
  1. Fill the registration form via AFAIR UI 2016 official website (http://afairui.id/competition) and upload payment/transfer receipts and team members student ID,
  2. Team will receive registration number,
  3. The deadline for the registration is on 20 November 2015.
For More Information:
Twitter: afairui
Facebook: Architecture UI Fair
Instagram: afairui
Official LINE: @afairui


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