GE Light the Way - Office Lighting Challenge 2016 Win Total Prize US $30,000

International Competition | Office Lighting Challenge is an Open Innovation Challenge initiated by GE on February 2016. This Innovation Challenge inviting the global community to provide ideas, proposals and technologies that can help us build a better tomorrow. Under the title of GE Lighting EMEA, Light the Way 2016 challenging the global community to create concepts for the Future of Office Lighting in 4 steps: Learn, Register, Respond, and Submit. This challenge seeks your brilliant ideas to do exactly that - imagine the concepts behind a complete, intelligent lighting system for an office environment - one that can monitor, analyze and optimize its office surroundings.

DEADLINE: February 12th, 2016

GE Light the Way - Office Lighting Challenge 2016 Win Total Prize US $30,000

GE understands solving the world’s toughest problems through advanced manufacturing techniques and processes requires collaboration. By crowdsourcing innovation—both internally and externally—GE is improving customer value and driving advancements across industries. By sourcing and supporting innovative ideas, wherever they might come from, and applying GE’s scale and expertise, GE’s approach to open innovation is helping to address customer needs more efficiently and effectively.

Why Intelligent Office Lighting?

Big data and smart technology are intersecting everywhere - from a wristband that tracks your health or an app that lets you remotely control your home. But how can these functions translate to an office environment? Can the building where we work be as smart as our phones and computers?

Lighting accounts for one of the largest portions of energy consumption in a commercial environment - and yet light systems are often overlooked given their physical placement. But in a new era dedicated to the development of economically sustainable solutions - these systems present a great opportunity. How can we harness the power of data to fuel our energy needs? An intelligent lighting system, coupled with sensors and software, can not only provide unprecedented efficiency and utility - but has the unique position to offer a personalized experience to those it surrounds.

Open Innovation Manifesto

We believe openness leads to inventiveness and usefulness.

We also believe that it’s impossible for any organization to have all the best ideas, and we strive to collaborate with experts and entrepreneurs everywhere who share our passion to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

We’re initiating a fundamental shift in the way we do business - this is what we’ll stand for in our open collaboration efforts and how we will operate.

  • Customer focus, imagination, courage, expertise, inclusiveness, and clear thinking will always guide our collaborative effort.
  • We will openly celebrate the efforts of lead solvers who have submitted winning solutions within our public collaborations.
  • We’ll collaborate with transparency – publishing evaluation criteria, rules, compensation and IP rights at the launch of our engagements.
  • We believe ideas should be compensated - and compensation pools will always reflect level of impact, effort, commercialization risk and IP rights.
  • We’ll provide access to pools of IP to enable the Global Brain to create new and beneficial outcomes.
  • We’ll never stop experimenting, collaborating and learning – we’ll get smarter as we go, and the Global Brain will evolve and grow with us.

Current Initiatives

GE continues to launch a variety of open innovation challenges and inviting the global community to provide ideas, proposals and technologies that can help us build a better tomorrow: GE Lighting EMEA – Light the Way: Concepts for the Future of Office Lighting Challenge (Submission Deadline Extended! Now open through February 12, 2016!)


Up to three winners who best meet the evaluation criteria will receive an initial cash prize of $10,000USD (from a total prize pool of $30,000 USD). In addition, up tothree entrants may have the opportunity to collaborate with the GE Lighting EMEA team regarding further refinement of their concepts by entering into a mutually agreeable business relationship, which may include an internship or virtual consultancy position.


  1. LEARN about the challenge and check out example sketches.
  2. REGISTER for the challenge.
  3. RESPOND to the Questions. In this challenge, you will be asked to submit:
    • 4 short answers (written)
    • 2- sketches/drawings (in any format, like .jpg, .doc, .tiff, .step, .ppt, etc.)
  4. SUBMIT your proposal.


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