Better Understanding for a Better World (BUBW) 2015 Call For Paper and International Conference


Indonesia International Competition | BUBW is stands for Better Understanding for Better World Program which will be help in December 2015 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This is your great opportunity to participate and proactively involved in peace making process. In this event there will be two main events: Call for Paper and International Conference. The Call for Paper will be divided into two categories: Category 1 Undergraduate and graduate students and Category 2 Postgraduate and professionals. The Conference will be delivered by expert speakers from all four aspects (Global Citizenship, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, and Interfaith) along with mini simulation and discussion. Participants will also get chance to visit and enjoy religion and cultural sites of Yogyakarta.

DEADLINE: November 5th, 2015

Better Understanding for a Better World (BUBW) 2015 Call For Paper and International Conference

Better Understanding for a Better World Conference will be one of the most prestigious events of the year. This is your great opportunity to participate and proactively involved in peace making process. As globalization era has given people more access to contact, communicate, and to interact with others from countries/ cultures in various part of the world, we are becoming more interdependent and the conventional way of seeing ourselves as national citizens is slowly changing into world citizens. Globalization also leads to the presence of more diverse perspectives of life, resulting from the interactions between local and new values that come from different cultures. Such diverse cultural blends, when well understood and managed, will add up the cultural richness within a society, and within it we can hope for their positive impacts on various elements of the society. Nonetheless, problems in the form of societal conflicts still occur, with causes that can be traced from misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the diverse cultural values. Such social conflicts, when perplexed by political and economical interests could become worse. Therefore it is crucial to remain aware of the potential problems that arise from societal and cultural diversity; an in anticipatin of such problems, to think of ways on how to minimize its possible drawbacks. One important step to make is by creating people’s awareness of the diverse reality of the society and the need for tolerance among people.

Creating a better understanding between people is one way to maintain peace among cultures and nations. It also serves as a critical step to create a better world, with people living together more collaboratively, and less in conflicts. To achieve these goals, bringing people together from various backgrounds to discuss on matters such as diversity, intercultural understanding, peace and tolerance, and conflict resolutions will be greatly contributive. It is with such premises that the conference of Better Understanding and Better World will be held.

"Better Understanding as a Grand Tool to Face the World and South East Asia Challenges"


  • Leadership roles in the age of global village
  • The blessing of religious and cultural diversity
  • Conflict resolution in managing challenges of social changes


  • 1st Best Presenter : IDR 7,500,000,-
  • 2nd Best Presenter : IDR 5,00,000,-
  • Two Best Participants : IDR 1,500,000,- each paper


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