ASEAN Creative Competition (ACC) ASEAN Youth Collaboration Festival 2015


International Competition | This Creative Competition is a various competition held by BEM ITS, Surabaya in May 2015. ASEAN Creative Competition (ACC) is a series of competition in a big event and also as a pre event of ASEAN Youth Collaboration Festival 2015. ASEAN Creative Competition 2015 consist of 4 competitions, there are: Documentary Film Competition, Photography Competition, Travel Journal Competition, and Infographic Competition. ASEAN Creative Competition 2015 will be held under the theme: "Exploring the beauty of South East Asia". With this theme, ASEAN Creative Competition 2015 aimed to explain the condition and the power of the ASEAN's countries so it will gain the awareness and solidarity of the society.

ASEAN Creative Competition (ACC) ASEAN Youth Collaboration Festival 2015

DEADLINE: 22 May 2015

ASEAN CREATIVE COMPETITION (ACC) is a series of competition and pre-event of ASEAN Youth Collaboration Festival 2015. Gaining Explore The Beauty of South East Asian as the main theme, we aim to increase the ability of journalism and creativity for ASEAN high school and college students with 4 kinds of competition there are infographics competition, video documenter competition, photography competition, and travel journal competition. Therefore, ASEAN CREATIVE COMPETITION aims to explain the condition and power of the ASEAN’s countries so it will gain the awareness and solidarity of society between them. All of the best ACC participants’ masterpiece will be shown in ASEAN CAMPING GROUND (ACG) and the winner from each competition will be awarded as ACG’s participant.

High School Students
Under Graduate

Open Submission 1 April - 22 Mei 2015
Winner Announcement 31 Mei 2015
ASEAN Camping Ground 10-12 Juni 2015

- Total Grand Prize $4800
- Free ticket to ASEAN Camping Ground in Kampoeng Djawi Jombang with the other winners
- Many other merchandise
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Further Information:
CP: +628115009306 (Bani)

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